Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Great Jerusalem Charity Bike Ride 2016: Mission accomplished

Ralph Greenberger of the Australian Friends of Keren Malki greets
Rabbi Goodhardt as he completes his 49 kilometer ride today in Melbourne
Though the temperatures have been in the sweltering zone here in Israel on Jerusalem Day today, Yom Yerushalayim, it has been considerably cooler Down Under in Melbourne, Australia. 

As we mentioned last week ["Cycling for Jerusalem - and for Israel's children with special needs"], that's where Rabbi Ian Goodhardt of Melbourne's Blake Street Hebrew Congregation  honoured the 49th Yom Yerushalayim today by getting on his bike and riding exactly 49 kilometers through the streets, roads, parks and highways of Melbourne as his way of marking the 49 years of Jerusalem's reunification. 

Rabbi Goodhardt's effort had another elevated purpose: to encourage practical support for the work of the Malki Fundation. 

He set up a MyCause secure page for "The Great Jerusalem Charity Bike Ride" and set himself the target of reaching $10,000 for the benefit of families of children in Israel challenged by serious disabilities. All proceeds go to Australian Friends of Keren Malki, an all-volunteer body that has been a leading provider of support for the Malki Foundation since it was established in December 2001. 

The specific goal is to enable us to purchase three new specialised walking frames for the Malki Foundation Equipment Lending Unit.

And the good news is - even though the ride has been done, and with success despite the tough conditions, it's not too late to associate yourself with Rabbi Goodhardt's fine effort and show support in a tangible way. Just go to his MyCause page - or click here to go directly to the secure Donate page

Rabbi Goodhardt today wrote this at the conclusion of his ride:
Think about this... 
Thank G-d, the bike ride is over for another year.  It was pretty wet and cold again, and as I was riding through the rain, one thought stayed in my mind.  How many of the people Keren Malki helps would love to ride a bike through the rain? On this day when we recall the open miracles that were seen by whole world, I found myself thanking G-d for every one of the 49,000 wet metres I was able to embark on this ride.   
And then I thought: All I am doing is using a piece of equipment - a frame, some levers, a couple of wheels - to achieve a goal I have set for myself.  This is exactly what Keren Malki helps people do: with a piece of equipment - a frame, some levers, perhaps a couple of wheels - they achieve a goal they have set themselves.  And believe me, the goals they set themselves are immeasurably more challenging and momentous than anything I would attempt. 
So if Hashem has blessed you in such a way that you have been able to read and understand this message, if you have been further blessed with the ability to work and earn some money, please click to spread that blessing to others who have different blessings.

And thank you very much.
In a Facebook post earlier today, Debbie Fishman, executive director of the Malki Foundation, wrote this from Jerusalem: 
On behalf of all the children who will benefit from the new equipment, thank you Rabbi Goodhardt for this incredible effort. 

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