Sunday, June 19, 2016

Coming together in Melbourne again: The Twelve Tribes Kiddush

A year ago in Melbourne, the Malki Foundation's local supporters - Australian Friends of Keren Malki - inaugurated an event called Twelve Tribes Kiddush. We foreshadowed it in this post: "Not already planning to be in Melbourne next month? Perhaps you should".

The response was terrific both before and after the event. So naturally, a 2016 version is now about to happen. All the details are in the poster below. (Click it to enlarge.)
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The serious idea behind the enjoyment of the Twelve Tribes event is the well-established Jewish tradition of having a Kiddush in synagogue at the conclusion of Sabbath morning prayers as a public expression of what Jews down through the ages have done in their homes on Saturdays - sanctify the Sabbath day.
This special day is our sign. We are advertising that G-d created the world, and just as He stopped creating for one day, we stop creating for one day. To be like G-d, to emulate the Alm-ghty, is to come close to His essence and to experience the ultimate in transcendence. That is the sign between us and G-d. []
If Melbourne is where you are going to be on July 30, we hope you will show your support for all that this Twelve Tribes event stands for. Bookings need to be made and paid in advance by going to

More details from

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