Sunday, December 18, 2022

At Chanukah, an appeal for your support

December 2022

A large portion of the financial support we get throughout the year for our work comes from individuals like you who value and acknowledge the work we do at Keren Malki. We are almost at the conclusion of the end-of-year giving season and I am writing now to ask you to have us in mind.

No one in Israel does what we do at the Malki Foundation. The way we operate is unique in a very positive sense. The impact of what we do is without a doubt terrific.

Unfortunately providing support to families who choose to give a child with serious disabilities the kind of excellent care that happens when the child lives at home rather than in institutional care simply does not rank high enough on the Israeli government's list of budget priorities.

This will eventually change. Until it does, we are doing our best to reach out to families and provide our services.

But right now, we have about a hundred such families on our waiting list. We want to admit them to one of our three support programs - but cannot because of our budget limitations. Over the past 6 months, we enrolled an additional 12 families in our programs. And with your help, we hope to bring in all those families in the near future,

The impact of our work with children with disabilities at their homes surrounded by the warmth of the families and with the ongoing interaction of parents is unique and the results are amazing.

Meet Maayan. Today an officer in the IDF and age 22, he joined our program as a child with severe disabilities over fifteen years ago. 

Maayan describes the importance of the therapy treatments he received at that time from the Malki Foundation: 
“Cerebral Palsy will always be part of my life but without the structure and support my parents gave me, and the therapies with the Malki Foundation’s help, I could not have gotten to where I now am. Childhood was a critical time, laying down the foundations for the habits and dreams that empower me today.”
There's more about Maayan’s inspirational journey here.

Let us all take part in giving the Malki Foundation kids a chance to become self-sufficient! Our secure online donations page makes that easy and safe. It's here.

If you can contribute, please know that your donation will let us do what we very much want to do - expand the community of families caring for a child with extreme special needs who are supported in their efforts by the Malki Foundation.

On behalf of  the Malki Foundation,
Happy Chanukah,
Ely Cohen,

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