Friday, April 1, 2016

Rainbow of... success

If you weren't in the audience at this past Wednesday night's fifth annual Rainbow of Music concert event for the benefit of the Malki Foundation, we're sorry.

The musical event in all its dimensions was rated a smashing success by everyone we asked. The songs were uplifting and performed with thorough professionalism and great zest. The musical accompaniment was first-class throughout. Audience participation was enthusiastic and energetic. The raffle tickets were a big hit and added to the event's financial success. And the opening speech by Elad, the father of a child challenged by CP who spoke of the meaningful ways the Malki Foundation's programs have made a positive difference to his son's progress, was moving and very impactful.

In short, a truly memorable evening.

Tickets for every last seat in the Rebecca Crown Auditorium of the Jerusalem Theatre - as we noted some weeks ago [here] - had been all sold out well ahead of the date. In fact, we had a long waiting list of stand-by supporters, most of whom unfortunately we were unable to accommodate.

We realize the event has acquired a significant following and some commercial momentum, and we will be making plans for the future to take this into account.

This year's Rainbow of Music featured Cantor Chaim Adler, Shlomo Gronich, Yitzhak Meir and Colin Schachat, and marked the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Ramatayim Men’s Choir, under the direction of Richard Shavei Tzion. Musical accompaniment was provided by the David Ichelwitz band, by Raymond Goldstein and by Dr. Aviva Stanislawski.

A full house
Shlomo Gronich
Rousing finale
[Photo credits: Chaim Meiersdorf Photography. Click here for more pictures of the magnificent evening]

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