Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Eitan, a note of thanks just for you!

The Malki Foundation Chanukah certificate
that your grandparents handed out to
members of your family
Eitan Lafair, you are the grandson of a very fine gentleman who was one of the founding members of the Malki Foundation back in 2001. That's something you might not have known. That's perfectly understandable since you are just eight years old.

Your grandparents, both of whom we have greatly admired for many years, told us something interesting about you just a few days ago. We want to mention it here in sending you this thank you note.

As you know, there are quite a number of delightful grandchildren in the extended Lafair family. Each year at Chanukah time, Savta and Saba, your father's parents, gather all of you together and hand out gifts.

This year, they did things a little differently. First, they made a generous donation to the Malki Foundation. Then with all the family present, they handed out specially-printed Malki Foundation "thank you" certificates. The brief Hebrew text on these certificates noted that, thanks to your grandparents' kind donation, some very good things are going to be done for certain families who are sure to appreciate the help.

For the younger grandchildren, and that includes you, Savta and Saba kept up the tradition of giving out small gifts of money. That's what you received.

But then, as your grandfather told us, you asked them to explain the message on the certificates being handed out to your older sisters. as well as to your parents and aunts and uncles and cousins. That's how you came to learn about how the Malki Foundation tries hard to help families who care at home for a child with serious challenges.

What Eitan's Savta and Saba passed
We have not forgotten that you're just eight. But we know that some people of that age can be just as clever as people who are a lot older. You listened to what Savta and Saba explained. And then you handed them back the money they had just given you. You said to them: "I want those families to get this money. I want to help them too. Can you give them my money as a gift?"

The next day, a 5 shekel coin arrived at the Malki Foundation office, and now it's our turn to thank you, Eitan. You might not realize it but you did something that teaches us again how everyone can do good things if they have the right kind of attitude. Even bright young men of eight can make a difference to other people's lives.

We also want to say a special word to your Savta and Saba. By their lovely gesture, they not only did something that will help other people, but they helped to show youngsters the importance of the value of giving and of helping - the things we know in Jewish life as chesed.

We're proud of what you did. And we're fairly sure you're very proud of your Savta and Saba. Thank you!

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