Sunday, January 17, 2016

Is that a rainbow of music off in the near distance?

Yes, it is.

And this year's benefit concert has a special theme: not only producing material support for the work of the Malki Foundation as in each of the four previous very successful annual performances but this year honoring the Ramatayim Men's Choir whose second decade of activities has just been completed.

We will provide some background shortly on the featured artists who, this year, will include the legendary Shlomo Gronich as well as Cantor Chaim Adler, Cantor Colin Schachat and the inimitable Yitzchak Meir.

In previous years, seats were sold out long before the curtain rose, and we assume the demand will be at least as great this year, if not greater. We urge everyone not to miss out.

Click here to pre-order tickets or call the Malki Foundation office in Jerusalem on 02-567-0602 during office hours.

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