Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Help us deliver Malki Foundation Purim Mishloach Manot baskets...

by enabling us to deliver a beautiful Mishloach Manot basket
in your name to the doorstep of the children and families
supported via Malki Foundation!

Join us on Purim to brighten the challenging lives of children with disabilities and the families supported via Malki Foundation. We will bring joy and excitement to the families’ homes by delivering a beautiful Mishloach Manot basket in your name filled with a variety of products, to their doorstep.

(Note: Respecting their privacy, we do not reveal the names of families or children who are supported by the work of the Malki Foundation.)

Purim this year is observed starting during the evening hours of March 16, 2022. (If you are in Jerusalem, you likely know that it's a day later here - and is called Shushan Purim.) 

Your donation of the cost of a basket enables us to deliver Mishloach Manot to one family in your name while also helping to fund our support of many additional children and their families. Order more than one basket and the price per basket is discounted.

Click the link below (depending on where you are ordering from) for prices in your currency and to order a basket to be sent to one of the Israeli families we support on behalf of you and your family:
For more information please contact us at +972-2-567-0602, or by email at office@kerenmalki.org

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