Monday, January 4, 2021

The power to communicate

Over on the Malki Foundation website, we have written in the past about Dror who, together with his dedicated parents and therapist, is defying the odds

Dror is almost 5 years old. The goal that has been set for him is to move beyond single word requests so as to express feelings, interests, requests, participation in what is happening around him. 

The latest step in the process: using a communication board. 

Today we received this update from his speech therapist:
"Moria (Dor's mother) is very excited. She is getting into it and Dror is paying more attention when she speaks to him using it (communication board). It will take quite a while until Dror will be able to create a short sentence by himself but he has already reached the point where he fully understands the power that communication gives him. He laughs when he requests something that he knows he cannot get now. And then he repeats over and over again, just like a normal kid!"
As we have learned again and again when working with Malki Foundation families, when you have determination and match it with hard work, you can sometimes achieve the unachievable.

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