Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Choosing life and building a future

The November 16, 2015 edition of Commentary Magazine (paywall) includes an article that examines a painful but nonetheless uplifting dimension of the reality confronting Israelis in yet another difficult period of terrorist attacks.

Authored by Evelyn C. Gordon, the article is entitled "Coping with Terror by Choosing Life".

Here's how it opens:
The murderous terror that swept Paris on Friday is all too familiar to Israelis, and Israel has developed multiple strategies for dealing with such attacks. But the most remarkable aspect of Israel’s response to terror is not its intelligence or military capabilities, important though these undoubtedly are. It’s how the victims’ families and friends cope with their grief and pain...
Ms Gordon mentions several not-for-profit undertakings that do good work in Israeli society, and were brought into existence in the wake of a tragic event caused by terrorism:
The projects are as diverse as the individuals they commemorate. But they all have one thing in common: the desire to honor a loved one’s life by leaving Israel a better place than they found it... Faced with terror, Israelis have overwhelmingly chosen to build rather than destroy. And they have thereby chosen life.
We are proud that the Malki Foundation is one of the handful of initiatives mentioned in this important article.

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