Thursday, October 15, 2015

Three Peaks Update | The video!

(Video credit: Adam Kramer, one of the climbing "everyday heroes". Many thanks for your fine work and dedication, Adam)

As we wrote here a few days ago, the 2015 (and inaugural) Malki Foundation 3Peaks‬ Challenge - managed and led by Malki Foundation UK director James Harari has come to a successful close. The climbers are back in London, and they have some thoughts to share (listed alphabetically by surname).

Elaine Gold
Was an amazing experience but a once only for me!! Thanks for organising it, James
Simon Gold
Elaine and I had a great time, and are proud to have been part of the trip. Delighted to have put in the effort to help raise money and awareness for the Foundation.
Francesca Harris
Well throughout all the aches, pains and deep heat spray shines a really huge smile. Our team of 9 pushed every limit we know to climb some mountains and raise money for the Malki Foundation. Every time I wanted to give up I thought of the kids. Their smiles. The things they can't do that I can. And so I kept going. I may have raised money for them, but the experience has made me richer than I could have ever imagined.  I wish all at Malki Foundation every success with the wonderful role they play in keeping the kids smiling. You're amazing. Francesca.
Marc Jackson
An incredibly enjoyable experience. I'm still on a high now even though we came down from Snowdon over 8 hours ago! Thanks again.
Adam James Kramer
Being given the chance to do something challenging for a good cause is rewarding. What made the entire trip so much better was the great team who also took part. All I can say is I will be happy to do it again and glad it didn’t rain. What will my next challenge be?
Jonathan Schneider
A really great trip, thank you!
Scott Sedar
Exhausted after 23 hours of hiking and travelling to the base camps, and whilst I looked at the myriad of stars in the clear sky, whilst on the peak of Snowdonia, I thought of the many children my efforts would be helping and the big smiles I would ultimately be contributing too on those children's faces as a result of our combined team effort. It provided me with that last bit of energy I needed to get down!!
Shalom Solomon
So back again next year then :)
The Challenge may have been tackled and done, but it's never too late to show appreciation and support - not only for their selfless and exhausting effort but for the selfless and exhausting efforts made daily by families in Israel - Moslem, Druze, Jewish, Christian, and non-denominational - who make the decision to care for a severely disabled child in the family home rather than hand the child off to institutional care.

To express that support more concretely, please consider making a donation today

The work of the Malki Foundation is sustained by donations from thousands of ordinary people from many parts of the world. You will be very welcome to join the circle.

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