Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Live from Salford City Radio - it's the Malki Foundation!

Over in Manchester, England, there's a weekly radio program on Salford City Radio called The Jewish Hour. Dena Ryness is its engaging presenter, and last night (Tuesday, July 13, 2015) she interviewed Arnold Roth of the Malki Foundation. 

Their subject was the enormously successful fund-raising effort made by the students of Manchester's King David School, along with the students of Yavneh Yeshiva and Yavneh Girls. 

We have written about the exemplary efforts of the KDS/Yavneh students in several recent posts: Thank you, Manchester! (June 5, 2015); The culmination of a great school effort: Honouring our visitors from Manchester (May 31, 2015); 2014: A look-back at our UK activities (December 26, 2014); Attention shoppers! Friends of the Malki Foundation at work (December 1, 2014); Malki Foundation profiled on Salford City Radio (September 21, 2014); Students at Manchester UK's King David School adopt Malki Foundation as chosen charity (September 19, 2014).

It's a privilege and a pleasure to be associated with them.

Click here to listen to last night's radio interview via SoundCloud.

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