Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hosting guests from Bnai Brith UK

Yesterday in Jerusalem: Bnai Brith UK visitors hear
about the Malki Foundation Yad Sarah Joint Venture's
first twelve years from Arnold Roth
"See the Real Israel" is the name of a week-long tour of Israel arranged by and for the members of Bnai Brith UK. Participants, under the leadership of Malcolm Factor, have the opportunity to be exposed to ‘real’ Israelis in addition to many of the standard tourist venues. They meet with inspiring people and visit life changing projects.

Keren Malki is honored to have been included in the tour this year. Yesterday, the 27-person group visited the Keren Malki Equipment Lending Unit at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem. They were met by Arnold Roth, the Malki Foundation's honorary chairman; Debbie Fishman, director of programs; and Deborah Roitman, director of Yad Sarah's Guidance and Exhibition Centers.

Yad Sarah is the largest voluntary organization in Israel. It provides medical and rehabilitative equipment on loan, free of charge to anyone who needs it - from a stock of over 250,000 items.

Hearing about the Guidance and Exhibition Centers from Deborah Roitman
Deborah introduced the group to the various projects of Yad Sarah and the unique ‘home style’ setup of its nine Guidance and Exhibition Centers scattered around the country. She demonstrated the importance of actually trying out the equipment items in their natural environment before bringing them home. By having the opportunity to try out the equipment, the user can get the item most suited to his/her personal needs.

Arnold Roth spoke to the group about the circumstances that lead to the establishment of the Malki Foundation. He shared some moments of what he called Malki's beautiful life - a life lost in a senseless act of terror. He explained the synergy that has existed between Keren Malki and Yad Sarah since our joint venture was established in 2002. The central point: both organisations are dedicated to enabling people of all abilities to live in the natural home environment.

Until Keren Malki approached Yad Sarah to establish the JV, the older organization had no focus on lending equipment for the care of children. Today, a dozen years later, hundreds of basic assistive devices including walkers, supportive chairs and bathing accessories are loaned out on a monthly basis all over the country.

The visitors departed with a sense of uplift and perhaps a little inspiration having taken a close-up look at one of Israeli society's truly constructive aspects.

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