Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A concert that should have been - and will be

Artists ready. Musicians at their places. Sound check. Hit it!

Final rehearsals: that's where we ought have been at this precise hour. But for reasons everyone knows only too well, we're in our homes, sheltering from an invisible threat, wondering what's ahead.

Our thoughts can't help but dwell on how Richard Shavei Tzion should be leading the Ramatayim Men's Choir right now, along with the incomparable Shai Abramson and the terrific singer, Akiva.

This ought to have been when everyone was making final preparations for the 8:00 pm start of the annual Malki Foundation Rainbow of Music concert. The Jerusalem Theatre ought to be filling up with eager ticket-holders as these words are keyed in.

But it isn't happening.

Instead, we - the audience, the performers, the Jerusalem Theatre staff, the Malki Foundation team - are all at home, doing our best to stay safe and looking forward to when we can hold the concert, all being well, in a few months time.

In the meantime, and we know it's small compensation, please enjoy some moments that capture the atmosphere at last year's concert. (Click on the image above to make it larger.) This is the encore performance of Leonard Cohen's Halleluya as rendered by Shai Abramson, young Naftali Weiss and the glorious Ramatayim Men's Choir.

See you soon!

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