Monday, March 18, 2019

In London, Malki Foundation UK co-hosts a great full-house event

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[The Jewish Weekly UK, March 17, 2019] A packed house of some 350 guests thronged Mill Hill Synagogue on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 to enjoy an evening of stimulating dialogue.

LBC host Nick Ferrari and Israel’s Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev exchanged erudite views on matters ranging from Corbyn, Brexit, Trump, Hamas and what makes Israel so special. In the ambassador’s words: “It was a pleasure answering questions before so many supporters of the Malki Foundation. By empowering families of Israeli children with severe disabilities, you are supporting the health and happiness of those most in need of it.”

Nick Ferrari revealed that he plans to visit Israel for the first time this coming September.

What a delight”, said Mr Ferrari, “to have the privilege of interviewing Israel’s Ambassador Mark in front of an audience so engaged, informed and involved from the first moment. For me, it was also eye-opening to become aware of what the Malki Foundation is striving to achieve. That such good can come from such unimaginable tragedy is truly life-affirming”.

The successful charitable event resulted from a collaboration between Malki Foundation UK, a charity registered in the UK, and Israel Engagement Programme at Mill Hill United Synagogue. It was one of the best-attended events Mill Hill Synagogue has hosted recently.

All proceeds will go to help advance the non-sectarian work of the Malki Foundation in supporting families in Israel – Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Druze – caring in their home for a child with special needs.

In addressing the audience, Malki Foundation UK’s Chairman of the Board, Geoff Hartnell, said there is currently a waiting list of more than fifty children from every part of Israel society. “Tonight’s event”, he said, “amounts to a very fine kick-start to the charity’s UK Million Shekel Campaign. We look forward to a steadily growing awareness in the UK of our activities in Israel.”

Founded in 2001, the Malki Foundation supports Israeli families who care at home for a child with severe disabilities. It honours the memory of Malka Chana Roth whose life ended at the age of fifteen when she was one of many child victims of a 2001 terror attack in central Jerusalem.

Malki’s parents, Frimet and Arnold Roth, founded the charity with a small group of friends in the weeks after their tragic loss. They remember her as beautiful inside and out and very close to her parents and siblings. Malki was especially attached to the youngest of her sisters, Haya, who suffers from lifelong, complex disabilities.

Arnold Roth, Malki’s father and chairperson of the foundation, spoke to the audience via video from Jerusalem.

All proceeds of the evening are dedicated to the Malki Foundation’s Million Shekel Campaign.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Running, walking, scooting, marathoning!

Here it is! The official slide show from our Team Malki Foundation participation in the 2019 Jerusalem Marathon.

A great time was had by all!

Thank you to all who participated - whether by running, walking, cheering or donating!

By the end of the day, our dedicated walkers , runners, and scooters (in the pram), ranging from ages 2.5 up until 67, traveled over 170 km to raise money and awareness for the Malki Foundation.

The results were fantastic! We were able to raise enough money to provide 85 therapy sessions to children with disabilities in Israel. That's enough to fund the therapy needs of three children for a WHOLE year.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

In Ra'anana, Mor Metro-West high school students give a welcome hand

This past Sunday, February 10, 2019, Arnold Roth, Malki Foundation co-founder and chairman, was an invited speaker at the Mor Metro-West High School in Ra'anana (תיכון מור מטרווסט רעננה).

The students assembled in the library where Arnold shared his personal story of his daughter Malki Z"L and of the founding of the Malki Foundation in her honor after she was murdered in the bombing of the Jerusalem Sbarro pizzeria in August 2001.

The visit was tied to the students' charity project (hashtag #תנוMor), a two-week-long initiative to gather food, clothes and toys for children in need. A serious pile of toys and board-games were collected for the Malki Foundation which was one of the students' designated causes. 

Thank you to the staff, students and families of Mor Metro-West for your support! Special thanks to Shir Yaffe, the student responsible for organizing the event; to Amnon Bar Natan, school principal, and to Dorit Stern who hosted and ensured the participation of a large and enthusiastic crowd.

And great appreciation to Esti Sherbelis who co-ordinated the activity on Malki Foundation's behalf.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A truly social president

Last night (January 29, 2019), Arnold Roth, founder and chairman of the Malki Foundation, accompanied by Malki Foundation executive director Debbie Fishman, had the honor of presenting our important work over dinner to Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of the Republic of Malta, along with her parliamentary entourage who are currently visiting Israel.

Appointed to her important role in April 2014, and possessed of an uncommonly strong social consciousness, the president was interested to learn about people with disabilities in Israel and what help is available for them.

That same year, Ms Coleiro Preca announced the formation of The President's Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society, a non-profit consultative and research entity advising the President of Malta on initiatives to help improve social inclusion and standards of living.

She explained about how in Malta, people with disabilities are totally integrated into society - from mainstreaming in school through to gainful employment.

And notice her business card - one side English and one side Braille!

The photo top right shows Arnold Roth standing with the president and with Malta's deputy prime minister and minister of health, Dr Chris Fearne - a pediatric surgeon.

Our sincere thanks to Israel's Ambassador to Malta Eyal Sela and the Maltese Ambassador to Israel Cecilia Attard Pirotta for being instrumental in setting up this interesting and enlightening evening.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Just a mommy talking about her baby. Not.

If you were not in the audience at the most recent Malki Foundation Rainbow of Music concert in Ra'anana last month, chances are you won't know about the lady who honored us with a short speech (6 minutes) right after the intermission.

Details are not so important. Facts are not so important. What's important is that this lady is a mother who, as happens so often, found herself in a desperately difficult situation that involved her family and her youngest child - a baby whose birth was far more dramatic than parents ever wish for.

Unedited, this is what the lady said to us at the concert.

We have already shared this with some of our friends. If you watch it through to the end, you might feel like doing the same.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Sorry we missed you (or glad you were there) at our great Ra'anana musical evening

We had a terrific Rainbow of Music concert in Ra'anana last week. An almost-full house enjoyed some rousing, upbeat music along with some moving (and brief) speeches. If you were there, you will have gotten a link to a four minute video sampler of the night's delights already. And if you didn't, here it is:

Some background about the performers and personalities who adorned the stage:
  • Shlomo Gronichpianist, arranger, composer, is one of the most prolific and diverse musicians active in Israel during the past four decades. Having composed nearly a thousand original pieces – pop songs, compositions for orchestra and choruses, soundtracks for film, theater, dance and television programs - his opus gives expression to his extraordinarily broad experience and talents.
  • His Excellency Mr Chris Cannan has been serving as Australia's ambassador to Israel since June 2017. A senior career officer in Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), he has held top-level positions in a variety of postings and portfolios including overseeing Australia's aid investments in health, education, climate change the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. He was previously DFAT's Chief of Protocol, head of the Staffing Branch and of the Environment Branch and worked on a string of bilateral issues including South-East Asia and Europe, international security and arms control and public affairs. Mr Cannan did not sing but his eloquent speech to the audience was received with great warmth.
  • Colin Schachat has established himself internationally both as renowned baritone and cantor. He performs a wide range of popular repertoire including Broadway, Yiddish, Opera, Hassidic, Israeli, Italian and Spanish songs. He is frequently heard performing in concerts with some of the world's leading orchestras, choirs and singers . His unique rich baritone voice combined with rare artistic versatility has allowed him to build up an international career beyond Israel which has been his home since 1991.
  • Avremi Roth transitions easily between chazanut (the art of the prayer leader in Jewish liturgical tradition) and popular hassidic songs. At High Holydays time, he is the prayer leader in the Ramat Shalom community in Mexico City. Throughout the year, he performs his music in concerts in Israel (including earlier appearances in our Rainbow of Music events) and internationally.
The backbone of last week's concert, as of every previous Rainbow of Music event to benefit the Malki Foundation (this was the eleventh such event since the series got underway in 2012), was the Ramatayim Men's Choir under the leadership of the inimitable Richard Shavei-Tzion. As the distinguished and talented men of Ramatayim get younger and ever more harmonious, their concerts - and their fabulous efforts on behalf of the Malki Foundation's work - get increasingly unforgattable. And enjoyable.

If you weren't there, you might want to make a note of the next Rainbow of Music concert in Jerusalem about five months from now. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Campaigning in Manchester: Please share the video

We are pleased to unveil our newest Malki Foundation video. This one was made especially for a fundraising campaign getting underway now by the students of the King David High School in Manchester, UK.

The video, produced for us by Momento Media, was enthusiastically received by the students, and we are so grateful for their support! 

Thank you especially to the young star of this production, Eliav Markowitz, who graciously volunteered his time and acting abilities in order to add to the success of this fine effort. 

The video is online here. Please watch and share it far and wide.