Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A beautiful life remembered in deeds and music

Here at the Malki Foundation, we remember the beautiful life of Malki Roth on a daily basis simply through the work that we do. Beyond that, and whenever we can, we aim to reach out and tell as wide an audience as possible about the 15 year old girl whose short but very full life had a profound impact on the people and community around her.

This week, we are privileged to be honoring Malki's memory in three separate ways.
Stopping by at the Malki
Foundation booth
Every year in March, the whole of Israel bands together for Good Deeds Day - an incentive started a few years ago by the Arison Foundation whereby people volunteer their time at projects for the needy. What started with a few thousand people has now grown into an enormous project that today had 1,000,000 participants. The Malki Foundation took part in a Jerusalem charity fair that was co-sponsored by the Jerusalem municipality, and hosted at Jerusalem's historical First Station.

Explaining to the mayor
what we do
Our being there allowed us to explain to participants about the important work done by the Malki Foundation, and why the charity exists. We introduced the children who participated by coming up to our booth with simulation games that allowed them to experience in a small way what it is to have a disability. This is the second year we have participated in the fair. It is encouraging to see the involvement and interest of young children coming to visit and the many teenagers who choose to volunteer.

Paola (centre), the music school's long-time director, joins
students in performing at Tuesday night's concert 
Among her many talents, Malki was a talented musician and in particular an accomplished flautist. She also composed music. Tuesday evening was the annual memorial concert of the music school in Ramot, a Jerusalem neighbourhood, at which Malki pursued her musical studies. The participating girls at the school, many of whom were not yet born when Malki's life ended and only know about her through stories, performed a delightful musical evening in Malki's memory.

The Jerusalem Theatre
And tonight, Wednesday March 25 at the Jerusalem Theatre, we will be enjoying the Malki Foundation's annual "Rainbow of Music" concert. In its fourth year, the event is once again completely sold out. It promises (again) to be an evening of first rate entertainment, with multiple musical genres that cover opera through chazzanut to Broadway and Israeli, a true rainbow of music. Thinking back to Malki's love of music, this too is a fitting way to remember her.

Debbie Fishman
Executive Director - Malki Foundation, Jerusalem

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