Sunday, January 26, 2020

Chaim's new sister

Chaim is not his name. This is not his photo. But the details
here are absolutely true.
Remember Chaim?

The short version: Born with epilepsy, autism, and Cerebral Palsy. Now nine and a half years old and with the help of determined therapists and parents, he has made amazing progress. From tentative first steps, he's been making significant improvement in his walking ability.

Last week our team surprised him with a home visit. We were also surprised by what we witnessed there.

Chaim has a little sister, Sara. She is a year and a half old. Since she arrived into the family, Sara has become more and a more an essential part of Chaim’s life. 

The occupational therapist actively involves Sara in the sessions to stimulate them to play together and to share toys. Thus Sara helps in Chaim’s development, throwing balls for him to catch, sharing toys with him and generally being good company. 

At the same time, Chaim is still the older brother whom Sara admires and sees as an example. So she mimics many of the things he does.

This interaction between siblings was beautiful to see. It opened our eyes to the “ordinary” lives that children with disabilities have - just like anyone else’s. 

Sara’s way of looking at and being with Chaim is inspirationalo - an example of how inclusion is important and beneficial for everyone.

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