Thursday, May 14, 2015

Netanel and his unstoppable family [Audio]

This image of Netanel and one of the key members of his
support team (his mother, actually) appears on the crowd-funding
donation page
they established to benefit the Malki Foundation
Over on Voice of Israel, they have a segment of their Josh Hasten Show that covers the story we mentioned here a short while ago - the story of Netanel ["The amazing power of never say never", May 6, 2015].

The shows presenter speaks with Netanel's mother's cousin and with the Malki Foundation's own Debbie Fishman. VOI provided this background:
10-year-old Netanel serves as an inspiration to other disabled children. Debbie Fishman, executive director of the Malki Foundation, joins VOI's Josh Hasten to discuss [the] May 15 "fun run" to raise funds for children with disabilities. Fishman tells the story of Netanel, who was born with cerebral palsy and never walked -- until numerous surgeries and years of therapy enabled him to take his first steps not long ago. This was thanks to the Malki Foundation's funding of a large part of his [non-] medical expenses. As a way of giving thanks, Netanel will be participating in the upcoming event in Givat Shmuel. Joining in the conversation is VOI's Pinchas Orbach, who happens to be Netanel's cousin. For more information or to donate:
Note: Netanel is the Hebrew equivalent of Nethaniel.

For nearly ten years, the Malki Foundation has encouraged Netanel's unstoppable family in their dream for Netanel to walk by providing the support needed - via our Therapies in the Home program - for those essential non-medical therapies. Today, Netanel walks.

His astonishing progress is a tribute to his indomitable spirit, and to the energy and will of an unstoppable family. Here's an audio recording of the Voice of Israel Netanel story that went to air on May 13, 2015:

Go Netanel!

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