Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Focus on a family: Special times, special challenges

Another reminder today that while the Coronavirus crisis has impacted everyone everywhere, it's an impact that falls unequally. 

And as our recent posts here on this site and via our Facebook page (here) underscore, the work of the Malki Foundation hasn't stopped. 

Danny is five years old. Partly blind, and diagnosed with Down Syndrome, he can crawl short distances and take a step or two with support. He uses simple sounds and gestures to make himself understood and responds to, and understands, simple instructions.

We spoke with his mother this week. Unsurprisingly, the focus of the conversation was on the challenges that accompany families raising a child with special needs - challenges which are sharpened at times like these.
"The kindergarten gave us an iPad to help with communication. But Danny is not really co-operative. We are hoping that will slowly improve over time. We don't have a walker at home or any other equipment which makes physiotherapy very difficult. We are doing the best we can under the circumstances."
Danny's progress has been helped by the MEDEK therapies he has gotten with the Malki Foundation's help. That's him (with his face obscured for privacy reasons - and Danny is not his real name) in the recently-snapped photo above.

The picture shows him in hands of the remarkable Alan Shapiro, a MEDEK practitioner and highly regarded physical therapist in Jerusalem.

The support enabled by the Malki Foundation's generous donors make a real difference to families like Danny's. We're glad and grateful you are part of them. 

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