Tuesday, November 26, 2019

On Malki Roth's birthday, remembering a beautiful life

The Malki Foundation was founded to honor the memory of Malka Roth z”l, a beautiful young soul who dedicated her short life to caring for others. Had she lived, her birthday would be tomorrow, November 27.

Always ready with a warm smile and an encouraging word, she was especially focused on children with special needs like her own youngest sister Haya who suffers from serious health challenges and disabilities.

Malki inspired those around her to do kindness for others. She enlisted her friends to be camp counselors for children with special needs and to volunteer for organizations which helped them.

One friend, Odeliya, recalls the night she and Malki shared a sleeping bag at a Shabbat overnight. Malki had given her own sleeping bag to a new classmate who hadn’t brought one. Odeliya writes:
“That was so characteristic of Malki. She cared about people that no one else even noticed. And she was always happy to give, without thinking twice.”
Another friend, Rachel, remembers this of Malki:
“Just when each of us was trying to find our place in the world, you showed me true friendship and what it meant to be a mensch, to be dedicated, to always see the good in others. You helped us grow to be the people we are today.”
Eighteen years after her tragic death in a terror attack when she was just fifteen, Malki's path is continued in the work of the Malki Foundation, helping children grow to be the best they can be.

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