Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Yossi's mother shares some great news with us

From Yossi's mother (his name is not Yossi - see the last paragraph
of the post)
Jennifer Shaw Racz, the Malki Foundation's development specialist here in Jerusalem, writes:

Today we arrived at our office to find - as we often do - a heartwarming thank you note from a parent whose child participates in our Therapies at Home program (TAH). 

Here's what the mother wrote.
Before Yossi began therapy, he would lie on his back 24x7, unable to turn his head or move his hands around properly or roll from side to side! He couldn't even hold up his head.  
After 4 months of physiotherapy, he has surpassed everyone's expectations in this short period of time, showing us he has so much potential. 
I now have a happy, sociable baby who rolls over from front to back, holds his head up, claps his hands... puts his hand on his head when you say "hands on your head!" ...He is now starting to move into crawling position too.
A reminder that the Malki Foundation's therapy programs have enabled many thousands of therapy sessions for families in Israel whose needs are nominally met via the conventional government channels or in the framework of their child's education. None of these therapy sessions would have happened if the families had to rely only what the government and the health funds provide. Our work makes a positive difference for hundreds of families and the children with special needs (some of them profiled here) whom they love. 

(Though the facts and figures in our blog posts and promotional materials are always true and correct, the children's names and photos used in these published file reports are always fictitious in order to protect the privacy of the child and the family.)

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