Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The amazing power of never say never

Nethaniel is a smiley 10 year old boy from a community in the center of Israel. Born with cerebral palsy, he was never going to walk, according to the doctors' prediction to the parents. When he was still very young, they were told to get ready to buy him a motorized wheel chair. Walking would be impossible

But they failed to take into account the unstoppable will of Nethaniel's parents - determined people who have refused to accept 'no' and 'never' for an answer. From as soon as he was released from hospital after birth, the parents started him on a very intensive paramedical therapy program. It has continued right up until today. 

It soon became apparent, as these things do, that the financial resources required were way beyond the family's capabilities. Where is where the Malki Foundation stepped in. 

For nearly ten years, the Malki Foundation has encouraged Nethaniel's family in their dream for Nethaniel to walk by providing the support needed - via our Therapies in the Home program - for those essential non-medical therapies. 

Today, Nethaniel walks. In fact, his mother says he can even almost run. 

His astonishing progress is a tribute to his indomitable spirit, and to the energy and will of an unstoppable family.

Now, together with his parents, Nethaniel has decided to walk/run the Givat Shmuel Fun Run (2 kilometers) on May 15th and are asking for sponsorship to raise money for their chosen cause - which happens to be the Malki Foundation. It's his amazing way of saying thank you.

For our part, it's we at the Malki Foundation who feel the need to say thank you to Nethaniel (and his family) for taking this incredible initiative. We wish him and them all the very best of luck.
Please join them in their efforts by sponsoring them at this site. (And while you are visiting, please take a look at some of the very moving images and videos posted at the site.)

Go, Nethaniel!

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