Monday, December 1, 2014

Attention shoppers! Friends of the Malki Foundation at work

Sainsbury's, Cheadle, Manchester
As we mentioned here back in September, high school students from King David School and Yavneh College in Manchester, England, are in the midst of a campaign to raise funds to provide additional items of specialized equipment for the Malki Foundation equipment warehouse in Jerusalem.

(There's more information about the Keren Malki/Yad Sarah joint venture, now going into its twelfth year of growth and achievement, here).

One of the KDS groups adopted the idea of forming teams of bag packaging experts who positioned themselves at the Sainsbury's Cheadle South Manchester supermarket. They used social media, including Twitter and Facebook, to promote their "amazing bag packing skills and support an amazing cause". And they wore branded t-shirts (above) to enhance their message. With the Sainsbury's staff and shoppers joining in the fun, the activity was hugely successful, raising over £500 for the Malki Foundation. Next weekend, another group of Year 9 students will be packing bags in another South Manchester supermarket .

We hear that other groups from the same school have been making cakes:
We #baked some #yummy #cupcakes a few weeks ago and sold them door to door all in aid of #TheMalkiFoundation #KerenMalki we also baked some yummy #biscuits !!!!! [Instagram]
And here's the evidence [via Instagram again]:

Over the coming months, KDS students will be embarking on a number of exciting and well-thought-out activities to keep raising funds for the Malki Foundation. The ideas they have thought up range from swimathons and sponsored walks to launching a grand raffle in early 2015.

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