Sunday, December 21, 2014

A little Hanukkah light

Bank Hapoalim, which provides the Malki Foundation with banking services, has enlarged its involvement with our work this year. 

At Hapoalim, they have a demonstrated commitment to social responsibility via relationships with customers and other stakeholders. Each branch works with local charities on various voluntary projects during the year.  

As a matter of tradition, at this time of year, the bank distributes packages of candies and gifts to children who are supported by related charities. So... just in time for this year's festive Hanukkah season, the bank's officers made contact with us and offered to provide cartons full of gift packages to allow us to contribute a little additional Hanukkah cheer for the hundreds of children with severe special needs whom the Malki Foundation supports. 

The result was a lot of very happy faces: every special-needs child who was brought to the Malki Foundation's equipment-loan center at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem this week (generally to collect an item of mobility-equipment to take back home) received a surprise package. 

The joyful results can be seen in these snapshots, and our team members really could not be happier.

חג אורים שמח‬‎ and may the Hanukkah lights enter and brighten the lives of all of us!

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