Monday, March 30, 2020

Focus on a family: In and out of hospital

How are the families we support - they and their child with serious special needs - coping in the challenging circumstances of the plague?

Hila, 8 years old, has a rare spinal defect as well as hearing and vision impairments. She can sit by herself and recently started taking a few steps with some support. 

She communicates with the help of an Assistive and Augmentive Communication (AAC) device. A speech therapist funded by the Malki Foundation, working with the encouragement of her parents, has taught Hila to use the device and to make her needs and reactions understood.

Hila is frail. Her health is such that she has had to spend long stretches of time in hospital. And that is where she is now. 

Says her mother in a conversation with us putting a positive face on a not-so-simple situation:
"At the beginning of the 'Corona holiday', Hila was in hospital and then released. But very quickly she had to be re-admitted. So at least, in between everything else, she is getting her therapies."
With all of us facing situaions that are often complex and always testing, and with virtually all of mankind aspiring to be at home, it can be hard to imagine how complicated a hospital stay for a child of eight can be under today's circumstances. 

We send our warmest wishes to Hila and her devoted parents for a quick return to health and to home.

(We are posting several posts this week (here's yesterday's) dealing with families who care at home for a child with extreme special needs at a time of special challenges for everyone. In keeping with our customary policy on privacy, Hila is not the lovely child's name. Nor is that her photo at the top of the post.)

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