Sunday, December 29, 2019

Muscles, strength and dedication

Bracha Chaya is a smiley girl of five and half.

A congenital, hereditary and rare neuromuscular disorder called Nemaline Myopathy is the cause of the significant general muscle weakness which challenges her in life.

Bracha's parents realised from the very start that her best chance for progress would involve intensive para-medical therapies. So they started her on  course of therapies appropriate to a new-born from when she was just three weeks old. 

And they have kept on working hard ever since.

Whatever therapies Bracha received at kindergarten, her parents took care to ensure she received more at home. 

The results are amazing. 

Today, Bracha walks independently and has started to speak.

In Bracha's own hand and words
She still has problems with her swallowing and is fed mainly by PEG so this is the focus of treatment for the year ahead.

Bracha herself recently wrote us this lovely thank you note (right). With it, her family attached some photos and asked us to share them. 

Bracha's mother told us she especilly wanted to raise awareness (in her words) of how important the help the family gets from the Malki Foundation is. 

That support, thanks to the generous backing of the donors who make our work possible, is what enables Bracha to receive the benefit of specialist therapeutic intervention in the friendly and convenient environment of the family home.

The blessed results are there for all to see.

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