Monday, August 20, 2018

Summer fun and remembering in Ma'ale Adumim

The way Malki would want to be remembered: summer fun for kids. 

Last Wednesday in Ma'ale Adumim - Park Hapil (Elephant Park), the annual Ezra fair in memory of Malki z"l and of several bogrim (children of the Ezra youth movement) was held.

Malki was one of several youth leaders from Jerusalem who got this branch of Ezra off the ground in the year 2000. Heart warming to see her contribution is still remembered.

Here are some of the photos from this wonderful event.  Thank you תנועת הנוער עזרא for keeping Malki's memory alive in a way that truly honors her spirit.  

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For some notes on some previous EZRA fairs - see "How hard memories are turned into constructive deeds" (2016) "Giving as remembering: Lessons from teenagers" (2015), and "15-Jul-13: Summer reveries don't have quite the same golden gentle glow for us as they do for others".

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