Monday, June 11, 2018

After a lost wallet was returned to its owner by a stranger

Dear stranger whose name we don't know and who found a lost and fully-loaded wallet and returned it to its owner completely intact a few days ago:

Because of YOU, a dedicated supporter of the Malki Foundation, the owner of the wallet that got lost, "paid it forward" and made a donation to the Malki Foundation to honor your act of kindness and to help women and children which accorded with your request.

Because of YOU, a small, hard-working staff in the Malki Foundation office had the pleasure of being given the praise and motivation they always appreciate by receiving a donation without even asking for one.

Because of YOU, a child with disabilities will receive additional therapies which will help her learn to eat, crawl, communicate and even walk.

Because of YOU, a parent will breathe a little easier tonight knowing she is able to watch her child sleep in his bed at home and provide him with the therapy he needs to succeed.

From all of us, wherever you are: thank YOU. YOU have made a difference.

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