Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What happened after the seizures

Last year's Malki Foundation article about Chaim (but Chaim
is not his real name, and this picture does not show him or his mother)
When we last wrote about 8 year-old Chaim [here], he was unable to move after a series of seizures left him incapacitated. Life has never been free of challenges for this beautiful child who was born with Cerebral Palsy, autism and epilepsy. 

This week, Chaim's mother called the Malki Foundation office in Jerusalem. She sounded - in the words one of our staff members - ecstatic. She told us about his extraordinary progress.  

After almost a year of intensive therapy through the Malki Foundation's Therapies at Home program, Chaim's mother said he is now able to hold a bottle in his hands and drink unaided. He is also crawling. What's more, she said, with the help of a walker, Chaim is now even able to take a few steps. The future is looking a lot better!

We are all so happy to hear about Chaim's progress. We would like to thank our donors for making this happen. You provided the funding for the paramedical therapies that are bringing back Chaim's independence to him. Those, and the love and constant devotion of his family.

A reminder that the Malki Foundation's therapy programs have enabled many thousands of therapy sessions for families in Israel whose needs are nominally met via the conventional government channels or in the framework of their child's education. None of these therapy sessions would have happened if the families had to rely only what the government and the health funds provide. Our work makes a positive difference for hundreds of families and the children with special needs whom they love. 

(Though the facts and figures in our blog posts and promotional materials are always true and correct, the children's names and photos used in these published file reports are always fictitious in order to protect the privacy of the child and the family.)

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