Monday, April 9, 2018

What two guys working from a shed can do

Jennifer Shaw Racz, the Malki Foundation's development specialist here in Jerusalem, writes:

I just spent all morning watching videos and reading about Team UnLimbited, an AMAZING organization, formed by Stephen Robert Davies and Drew Murray, which makes customized arms and hands for children from a nano printer FOR FREE. Children can request all different colors and designs (even Harry Potter!) The materials themselves cost less than 30 GBP.

It all started when Steven was looking for a better prosthetic for himself and came together to Drew to design one. They produce the limbs in a backyard shed and send them out. Their design has been used to help kids around the world. 

Watch the kids' faces when they get the arm and use it for the first time. 

We salute you Team UnLimbited and invite you to Israel...  Maybe we can find some possible collaboration opportunities.

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