Friday, February 9, 2018

At Malki Foundation UK, we're looking to fill an important position

Fundraising Director 
A full-time London-based senior position

Keren Malki – The Malki Foundation is a respected Israel-based charity with offices in Jerusalem. Since 2001, it has uniquely empowered the families of children with severe disabilities from every part of Israeli society, without regard for their religious or political orientation. This empowerment enables those families to keep the children living at home with their families rather than being handed off to institutional care.

The challenges that face a family caring for a child with serious special needs are never simple. Neurological disorders, severe illnesses and childhood development problems change the lives of all parties: the child, the parents, the siblings, even the community among whom the family lives. We know these families need sustained, targeted help to deal successfully with these challenges.

At the Malki Foundation, we believe there are no better advocates and caregivers for a child than his or her parents. Global research also shows that institutional care, as important and indispensable as it can be in certain circumstances, almost always has negative effects on the child and the family. While other Western countries have long understood the detrimental effects of institutionalization, Israel has been resistant to this view and government funding for care in the home and in the community is surprisingly limited.

The Malki Foundation’s support is delivered via three quite unique programs: (1) Equipment Lending; (2) Therapies at Home; and (3) Therapists on Wheels. These allow us to make a substantial difference in how families care for their child with special needs – giving the child the best chance for happiness, better health and overall greater quality of life. 

If the Malki Foundation’s services were not available to those families, many of them would have no alternative but to succumb to institutionalization.

Malki Foundation UK is a Foundation Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with the Charity Commission as charity number 1164793.

Candidates for this senior position are invited to direct confidential letters of enquiry with a curriculum vita to Additional details of the position are available from the same address.

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