Friday, August 12, 2016

There are no more lost tribes...

Also sincere thanks to the many
commercial sponsors whose
advertisements appear in this year's
Twelve Tribes event guide 
Courtesy of the organizers (hat tip: RG), here's a brief appreciation of the very successful fund-raising event arranged for the benefit of the Malki Foundation - as well as its supporters - in Melbourne, Australia two weeks ago.
The Australian Friends of Keren Malki held their second annual Twelve Tribes Kiddush on Shabbat Parshat Pinchas in the Caulfield Synagogue Hall.

What’s so special about a Kiddush? Here’s the schtick… there were 12 sponsored tables, named after the 12 Tribes, each with a different classy scotch whisky and a different flavoured herring! 

The hall was packed with more than 250 feinschmeckers from all segments of the Jewish community and numerous shules… Chareidi, Chasidish, Chabad, Modern Orthodox, Zionist, secular… men and women (there were even two separate tables for children… no alcohol)… 

Without any doubt, all Twelve Tribes were there!  

The overwhelming vibe was how united the crowd was in support of the fantastic work being done by Keren Malki.

People were free to walk around from table to table, the only seating was around the perimeter, in case someone had one too many!

Okay, so here goes:

Schmaltz Herring
AnCnoc 12 Years Old
Siracha Herring
Wasabi Herring
Chilli and Garlic Herring
BenRiach 16 Years Old
Tomato and Basil Herring
Roasted Capsicum Herring
Glencadam 10 Years Old
Roasted Capsicum Herring
Cardhu 12 Years Old
Honey Mustard Herring
Mustard and Jalapeno Herring
Glen Grant 16 Years Old
Mayo and Dill Herring
Aberfeldy 12 Years Old
Mediterranean Olive Herring
Tomintoul 10 Years Old
Morrocan Herring

Through the generosity of sponsors, supporters and participants, the event raised valuable funds to support the work of Keren Malki.

And from Jerusalem, we add this:

Special appreciation to Ron and Sarah Tatarka of Scott Winton Insurance Brokers, this year's Twelve Tribes Patrons. Deep thanks for a great deal of creative thinking and hard work to some of the hard-working volunteers behind the scenes (alphabetically): Leon Burman, Chaim GelberHelen GelberRalph Greenberger and Jacob Weinmann. Special thanks for the valuable assistance of Doodie Bankier who produced the advertising booklet for the event, enabling us to express gratitude to the sponsors and supporters. And job well done to all who took part.

Next year's Melbourne Twelve Tribe plans are already being drawn up.

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