Sunday, March 8, 2015

In Malki's memory: A rainbow of music to ease the pain

Eve Harow presents a weekly radio program 
on Voice of Israel
Eve Harow. radio personality, passionate spokesperson for Israel and Jewish life, and self-described "reluctant fundraiser" hosts a popular weekly talk show, "Rejuvenation with Eve Harow" each Sunday on Voice of Israel. (11:00 am Eastern Time in the United States; 6:00 pm in Israel... "Premier News Talk from the Heart of Jerusalem").

In tonight's program, aired a few hours ago (and online here), one of Eve's interview guests is Arnold Roth of the Malki Foundation,. This was an opportunity to promote the upcoming Malki Foundation Rainbow of Music IV concert, set to take place in the Rebecca Crown Auditorium of the Jerusalem Theatre on Wednesday night, March 25, 2015 at 8:00 pm, Tickets, as in case of the three previous annual concerts, are selling fast. Order them now via this online form.

Eve's program provides a welcome opportunity to publicize the work of the Malki Foundation in helping children with special needs, as well as in making music and - via some efforts that Frimet and Arnold Roth have undertaken - the pursuit of justice.

Click the orange arrow below to hear the 12-minute interview. The photograph shows members of the Ramatayim Mens Choir directed by Richard Shavei Tzion, performing in the hugely successful 2014 Rainbow of Music event (5-minute video). The featured soloists included Ilay Avidani (pictured). The magnificent Choir has been central to the success of all three previous Rainbow of Music concerts, and will be honored in the upcoming Malki Foundation concert which marks Ramatayim's twentieth anniversary.

After hearing the interview, some readers may want to know more about how it happens (as Roth describes to Eve Harow) that the Arab world's most influential school of journalism declared the murderer of Malki Roth as its "Success Model" (!) in December 2014. The Jordan Media Institute enjoys wide and generous ongoing support from foreign governments including France, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, UNESCO, the European Union and several global business behemoths. 

For a sense of where this nasty affair may be heading, as well as background on the Roth's efforts to expose foreign government tolerance of JMI's open incitement to terror, here are some recent blog posts published by Frimet and Arnold Roth on their This Ongoing War blog: 
10-Dec-14: In the Arab world's most promising new journalism school, a passion for murder and hatred; 11-Dec-14: Is it newsworthy when journalists make a terror-addicted murdering colleague their role-model?; 11-Jan-15: Does the king need to fly to Paris to stand with terror victims? He can do it better back in Jordan.; 16-Jan-15: They're incubating terror-minded journalists in Jordan but they have an answer to all the criticisms; 19-Jan-15: The dilemmas of funding and enabling terror; 04-Feb-15: The stunningly different fates of two terrorists in Jordan and what they reveal about how the war against terror is going13-Feb-15: Jordanian accuracy.

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