Thursday, December 11, 2014

Chart: A month of growth... again

Yes, we know they are just numbers. But every time we have the privilege of reimbursing a family who care for their special-needs child at home, we are enabling a therapy session that they were not supposed to get under the policies of the health funds and the government. The Malki Foundation's Therapies at Home program reimburses the bulk of the cost of five classes of non-medical therapy: therapeutic horseback-riding, hydrotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy (physio, for our British and Australian friends) for children admitted to the program. 

November's total, if you're wondering, is 14% up on the month before.

So far, we have funded some forty thousand such therapies (almost every one of which would not have happened, but for our program), allowing families to do more than the system intended for them to be able to do for their child with disabilities. 

It's an excellent feeling. 

Only one thing is better - the knowledge that with support from our backers, we can admit still more children, and fund yet more therapies.

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