Sunday, May 13, 2018

UPDATE: Riding for a fine cause

Today's cycling route
A Sunday follow-up to Friday's post "Riding for a fine cause in Melbourne's wintery streets" about a terrific initiative, the Great Jerusalem Charity Bike Ride.

This update just in from the remarkable Rabbi Ian Goodhardt:
G'Day to you,
The 2018 Bike Ride has come and gone and my bike is looking forward to a well deserved rest lasting many months.
In the event the weather could not have been better, with a cool breeze and bright sunshine for most of the way. On a whim I turned off to explore the Marybyrnong River Trail and what a delight it turned out to be. Quite beautiful. I was tempted to go on to Essendon, but turned back when I reckoned I had reached the halfway point, and then realized I had been riding with the wind at my back since setting off and the way home was going to be a bit tougher going. All went well until, with just under 4km to go disaster struck. A puncture! (Now I know how Bottas feels!) My darling wife picked me up and after a quick change of inner tube I was able to complete the remaining k's.
So - all in all a lovely ride today. Thank you so much to everyone who made a donation. WIth online and offline donations combined the total is $6,848, which is one my higher total over the years, so thank you all very much for contributing.
Great thanks to Rabbi Goodhardt and to all those who helped provide the wind at his back! And happy Yom Yerushalayim to all.

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