Tuesday, September 26, 2017

As we draw near to the Day of Atonement

2017 annual report
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The High Holydays period in Jewish tradition reaches its dramatic high point on Yom Kippur, starting this Friday evening.

We're accustomed to think of it as a time for fasting. But in our people's sacred texts it's called a time to practice self-denial, something we rarely do at other times. 

Thoughtful commentators have helped us understand that we take on the not-eating, the not-drinking, the other self-imposed hardships of this very special day for practical reasons: to help us enter into a self-searching frame of mind and to achieve personal dialogue with the Master of the Universe.

Looking honestly within ourselves is never easy. It involves thinking not only about actions but about ethics and spiritual ideas: Am I living up to my own values? Am I the person I wanted to be? Is the world, is my community, is my family better because of me?

The Malki Foundation's work is intended to change people's lives for the better. With all due modesty, we feel that we do that - though not enough, of course

If you are reading this letter, you probably know already that we devote our energies and resources to providing concrete, measurable help to people who get far too little of it: families caring at home for a child with serious disabilities. No other organization in Israel does the things we do.

During these Ten Days of Penitence, when acts of charity are especially respected, please consider making a donation to the Malki Foundation.  You will be assisting families grappling with some of life's major challenges. Secure, online donations can be made by clicking here.

This is also the time of year we send out our annual print newsletter. If you have not yet received your copy, click below to read it now - online.

There's one brand-new development that does not appear there:  The Malki Foundation Australia Ltd is now endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) from September 1, 2017. That's great news. Details to follow.

With sincere wishes for a better new year for all, and warm thanks to all of you who have made such a positive difference by your contributions to the indispensable work of the Malki Foundation.

Gmar Hatima Tova
The Team at the Malki Foundation

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