Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Tel Aviv gathering helps us get out the word

Partial view of attendees and the snacks
In Tel Aviv earlier this month, a Malki Foundation event in a professional office with one of the Big Orange's most spectacular views provided a great opportunity to share an intimate update on the work we do to benefit Israeli families and their children with special needs.

The Asserson Law Offices in Tel Aviv's Azrieli Center provided the setting for a fascinating gathering with His Excellency, Ambassador Daniel Taub, until recently Israel's chief diplomatic representative in the United Kingdom.

Though the breathtaking late afternoon vista, looking out onto Tel Aviv's high rise skyline and the glittering Mediterranean just beyond it, was a major distraction, Mr Taub's talk kept the invitation-only crowd entranced.

A gifted and charming presenter, Mr Taub did real justice to the intriguing subject line: "Behind the Scenes at the Court of St James: An Outsider's Inside View".

He spoke of how representing Israel at the highest levels of British society, politics and public life provided him with unique opportunities and challenges. He shared some of the ways in which he was able to put emphasis on cross-cultural and interfaith aspects, including teaching Bible and Hebrew study classes in Westminster Abbey and at the Church of England Synod and jointly hosting a Hanukah party with Greece's ambassador to London!

The difficulties and the delicacies of being under great scrutiny as Israel’s representative to the UK made for a captivating talk.

His very well-received presentation was followed by some brief words from Arnold Roth, The Malki Foundation’s co-founder and Honorary Chair, who shared some of the experience of being a parent of a child with severe disabilities and the ways in which Israeli society rises - and often fails to rise - to the challenge. He surveyed some of the ways in which the limitations and shortcomings of health and welfare systems in providing support for children with disabilities can be the source of significant hurdles for such families in every part of Israeli society.

The Malki Foundation plays an increasingly valuable role in helping to address those challenges. Arnold highlighted the way our work has recently been helped via a significant grant from an Israeli government office - the first of more to come, we hope.

Jennifer Shaw Racz of the Malki Foundation's Development Desk
responds to the ambassador's speech.
He also spoke about Malki Chana z”l, his daughter whom he referred to as a special soul who brought light and kindness to the world. The Malki Foundation carries out its important work as a living memorial to Malki's life.

This is a good opportunity to express a public "thank you" for their invaluable contribution to Ambassador Daniel Taub whose presence - despite a forbiddingly busy schedule - graced the event; to Trevor Asserson, Lisa Green, and Nicola Field for their hospitality at Asserson Law; and to the new and veteran Malki Foundation supporters who attended as members of the audience.

To find out about upcoming events at the Malki Foundation, please email us [office (a)] so we can add you to our list.

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