Friday, May 19, 2017

Look for Hadar. She's here.

Can you find Hadar?

Hadar is a 17 year old young woman with cognitive and physical disabilities. She lives with her family in one of Jerusalem's south-eastern neighborhoods.

Like many children you know, she attends school, visits the shops with her friends, goes to synagogue on Shabbat and holidays and also goes to Bnei Akiva youth movement meetings on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons.

A few weeks ago, her local Bnei Akiva branch was honored with a visit by Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem. He was there to attend the inauguration of their new building.

If you look very carefully at the photo, you can see Hadar sitting in her wheelchair in among all the other children.

Like them, she is a child who enjoys being among her friends and in the community. So far as the people around her are concerned, Hadar is part of the group.

This is what inclusion is all about.

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